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Confident Kids, Healthy Choices

“Encouraging and enabling children and young people to aspire to be healthy”

Do you have children over the age of 8? Are you worried about alcohol and drugs use within your family? We are running a series of projects and programmes focused on boosting your confidence and being able to deal with these concerns.

Our aim is to encourage and enable children and young people to aspire to be healthy and to be confident to make healthy choices, and in doing so discourage them from substance misuse and other unhealthy behaviours. Parents and caregivers will also be able to access support to help them to feel able to discuss difficult issues with their children; as well as address their own personal issues that might be affecting family life. 

Mentoring training for caregivers and older siblings will also be offered. These activities have been selected and will be offered to build confidence and knowledge in parents to enable them to discuss difficult issues at home, particularly around alcohol and drugs.  These will be of particular relevance to parents who need to build confidence to recognise and address their own substance use.

There's something for everyone:

  • Choices Group for Parents
  • Saturday Soothers Family Fun
  • Camglen Radio Youth Groups
  • Peer education and Den health workshops
  • Issue-based arts and drama activities 
  • Stress Management Service
  • Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid training
  • Parenting Skills and Mentoring for Parents
  • Drug Proof Your Kids course
  • Signposting to support services where appropriate

Families involved will also be supported to take part in home-based activities and work towards family outings. 

How to get in touch

For further information don’t hesitate to get in touch with Joy on 0141 641 5236 or email

Offering a gentle, fun environment to learn and talk, boosting confidence for all involved.