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CPD Learning Through Radio

Bringing confidence and creativity to the classroom

What is it?

Researching, planning, creating, producing and presenting radio programmes, whether live or via podcasts is an excellent way of engaging pupils in an enjoyable and motivating area of cross-curricular learning. 

This course allows teachers to achieve a portion of their continuous professional development but also provides transferable skills that they can use in the classroom.

What does it involve?

The aims and objectives of the course;

  • To provide an introduction to the principles and activities involved in creating radio programmes & podcasts
  • To resource teachers to support pupils in developing skills in a range of broadcast related disciplines
  • To provide an introduction to a range of free & safe online resources and tools that will help facilitate podcast creation & distribution
  • To resource teachers with the knowledge, skills and materials to introduce to the classroom learning through radio broadcasting 

The entire length of the session is a half day. We will provide all supplies needed to make sure it is a fun and informative session where everyone feels inspired and able to bring fantastic ideas and approaches back to the classroom.

How do I get involved?

Get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you, if you are interested please contact Tam on 0141 646 0123 or