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Family Projects

"Get to know each other like never before!"

Healthy n Happy offer a range of activities for families to do together.  These help families spend quality time together, learn about each other, develop new skills and encourage conversation about issues and goals they may be experiencing.  Although our activities are open to all families with children over the age of eight living in Cambuslang and Rutherglen, priority is given to families in the Confident Kids Healthy Choices programme.

Family History Project

Ever wondered about your family in the past? Has your family always lived in this area? What games did your granny play as a wee girl? Did your uncle go to the same school as you? Did your mum's mum's dad work in the mines in Cambuslang? Get to know each other like never before! We will support and guide you to look into the past and then come back to the future!

Family Scrapbook

Outings and at-home activities that the whole family plan!  Have fun deciding on what you want to do then get support from us to put your idea into action. Store your memories of the time together by building up a scrapbook - photos, recipe cards, shells, flowers - all sorts of things that you collect during the activity. Great fun and a fabulous way to improve communication and get to know each other better. We will support you through this and help provide resources too.

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Family Radio Show Health Issues in the Community for Families... and much more

For further information contact Sally on 0141 641 5236 or

Get the family together and have some real family time.