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Our Place

What is Our Place?

Our Place, funded by the Big Lottery Fund will work with and support projects in seven neighbourhoods in Scotland.  Healthy n Happy Community Development Trust have been awarded the the 5 year contract from the Fund for Whitlawburn and Springhall.

What does this mean for Whitlawburn and Springhall? 

Our Place will support local people to identify priorities for their area and produce a shared community vision statement.  This vision statement will enable communities to then apply for significant investment from the Fund for their area based on their priorities.  This is funding for the community managed by the community.

How will this happen?

Understanding our community through engaging with people about the things they value and mapping people and places, building a comprehensive picture of community knowledge, skills and local assests.
Imagining the possibilities by mapping peoples hopes for their community, hosting visioning workshops and creating a community vision. 
Creating our future by connecting and mobilising for action! 

What will this achieve?

People will have more influence on decisions that affect their community, communities will have more sustainable services and facilities that reflect their local priorities and people will say their community is a much better place to live and work.

Big Lottery Fund Information 

The Big Lottery Fund is responsible for giving out 40% of the money raised by the National Lottery
The Fund is committed to bringing real improvements to communities and the lives of people most in need and has been rolling out grants to health, education, environment and charitable causes across the UK. Since its inception in 2004 it has awarded close to £6bn
Healthy n Happy Community Development Trust are delivering asset-based community development work in Whitlawburn and Springhall on behalf of the Big Lottery Fund
Full details of the work of the Big Lottery Fund are available on the website:

For more information or how to get involved

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Our Place
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