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Youth Activism

This is a youth/community led project where local young people develop ideas to tackle problems identified by them in their area. This means young people get to shape the project according to their own health priorities.  

How can I get involved?

Halfway:  Young people from Halfway who are in S1-S4 can come and join our Halfway Group. This summer we are based in North Halfway Hall. Find us there every Monday 1pm-3pm till the end of summer. Come and take part in fun activities that benefit the community and earn great trips as a reward. Plus watch this space for new activities coming soon!

Burnhill: - Young people from Burnhill who are in S1-S4 can catch us at the Friday night drop in at Rutherglen UC from August. We’ll be at the club with great activities from Camglen Radio – including our portable radio station! Plus watch this space for new activities coming soon!

Youth Activist Steering Group:   Our Youth Activist Steering Group is open to young people from across Cambuslang and Rutherglen (aged 14-17).  This group of young people explore and engage in discussion and action on a range of issues that are important to them and the wellbeing of their community.   Part of their work involves supporting young people in Burnhill and Halfway to develop ideas for activities and initiatives that address issues of alcohol/risk taking behaviour in their local neighbourhoods. 

Most importantly members aim to have fun, taking part in fun activities such as teambuilding games, hosting radio shows, developing social media and marketing activities/campaigns, going on learning trips and experiencing treats like fun trips/activities!

We are always looking for new members so if this sounds like something you are interested in please get in touch with

'Not all young people are causing trouble' Marc Mc